Thursday, 23 October 2014

Asian wedding fair (and some delicious desserts!)


Today I bring you pictures from my visit to this year's Asian wedding fair at the Excel centre in London. Some of you may remember my post about it last year. It is where I got my fabric that I made my Kameez with :) This year's show was just as good and the catwalk lasted a whole hour!!!! There were tons of lovely outfits to be seen down the catwalk but here are some of my faves:

I think this is the one I would most like to waer:

I love the red colour and the gold embroidery is very elaborate and luscious :-) Maybe when I get married..... :p 

And to finish a little bit of menswear:

Again- very luscious! 

After the great catwalk me and my took another walk around the show and she treated me to this fabric bundle from Fusion's stall (the sample place I got last year's fabric bundles):

Isn't it pretty? :) the ombre dyed matching scarf is really lovely- it is a great deal to get all of it for 7 pounds! I will have to start dreaming of what to make with it..... so many lovely possibilities! 

All my news from the Asian wedding fair is over now :( But I am sure I will go again next year and can bring you more amazing catwalk snapshots then!

Now, before I go it is on to food, food and a little bit more food :p I know my blog is mainly about textile related stuff but some food is so good you have to share it! plus, who doesn't like pictures of tasty food and desserts? :p

First up, on Sunday me and my family went to Planet hollywood in London. We got a deal from wowcher which included 3 courses and a drink for about half the normal price. Those deals don't come around often but when they do my mum snaps them up because planet hollywood is pretty fun :D

For starter I had vegetarian tostados:

They are soooohooohh delicious. Cheesy and gooey but then crisp from the tortilla and extra flavour from the fresh salsa and vegetables and creaminess from the sour cream. Mmmm too good! Me and my family are going to try making some at home some time- hopefully they will be just as good but I think planet hollywood has a secret something to make them taste so nice :p

For main me and my brother shared a pizza and a veggie burger. But now I must talk about dessert. Me and my brother both had their double chocolate chip brownie- which was extraordinary. First off it was huge- like a brownie brick :p and if had 2 scoops of ice cream, whipped cream and fudge sauce spread on top, look:

Not to mention it's warm! And chewy- kind of like cookie dough with big chocolate chunks in. Mmmmmm I would totally recommend this as well to anyone visiting planet hollywood- well if you love chocolate and desserts as much as I do!

I have been pretty bad this week as as well as making brownies for myself and a friend, me and the same friend (Graceypaste- her awesome blog is here: :)  visited pizza express during the week. It was nice to relax as everyone at college at the moment is working really hard on thier men's waistcoats. I really love it at pizza express and so do my family- it is probably our favourite resturant. 

We had 3 courses again and I had my top dessert,  chocolate glory,  as Graceypaste said - it really is the solution to all problems:

Hehe, I will leave you now but I will soon be returning with pictures of my finished waistcoat! :D I may have mentioned it before but mine is inspired by comic book and film villains and gangsters and is pretty theatrical, it will be good to show you all what I gave been working on the last few weeks. 

I hope you are all happy and well and if I have made you peckish from the food pictures, you might want to go and check out my new range of food brooches in my shop to satisfy your cravings:

These are just a taster. .. There are more in store including french fries and candy floss!

See you soon,

Byee xxxx


  1. Lovely photos! I love your food brooches - so cute! :)

  2. They really have the most beautiful fabrics don't they? I don't mean too but I have a habit of staring at Indian women and the colors and designs of the fabric they're wearing. Oops!

    The pizza one is perfect!!

  3. Beautiful! The wedding fair looks amazing. Ohhh! Yummable foodie pics ^_^ xox


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