Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Back at college + I got a special mention!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well :) After my super long summer I am now finally back at college.  It was so long ago that I was last at college but after only 3 days I feel like I am just about back on routine and it has been nice catching up with people. Our first project for this year is a waistcoat (of our own design choice) that we make to fit a male actor. We made a 1/2 scale waistcoat on the first day, just to practice some of the techniques our full size one will require. Here is my mini waistcoat:

The fabric was donated to our college by the West end show Mamma mia. Apparently they have some stripy trousers which are made from it- if you have seen the show you may know the ones I am talking about.  I am going to see the show fairly soon so I will be on the lookout! I like it because it is a bit nautical and reminds me of John Paul Gaultier's sailor style stuff :)

In other news my clip art jewellry-in my shop if you want some!:

 I mentioned the jewellery quite a while back on my blog was featured on a really awesome blog called A Daily Dose of Art. Here is the link:

The author of the blog did a whole mini series (you will see if you visit the blog :) on art and stuff that can be created with paperclips and asked me if she could feature my work! :D It was very exciting as I was put in the post with some other people who I thought had some great ideas for clip art related stuff :)

I am off now to keep working on my waistcoat work,

See you all again soon,

Bye xoxoxo


  1. The waistcoat is brilliant! Well done on the blog feature, well deserved. Have you seen the jewellery made using hair slides? I think you might like it. xox

    1. Thank you Steph :) No I haven't- I will have to check it out because it sounds awesome! :) xxx

  2. I love your jewllary, and waistcoat

    gotta catch up on your blog. been so busy with uni havent been keeping an eye on it oops


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