Thursday, 30 October 2014

Waistcoat all done!


I hope you are all having a good week :)

My waistcoat that I was making in college is now all complete! As I mentioned a post or so ago, for our first project we had to make a men's waistcoat in any style we wanted, it also had to be decorated in some way.

Here was my design, which was inspired by comic book villains and gangsters:

The front sections interlock.

And then here is the back, my decoration was inspired by the glamorous girlfriends gangsters and villains often seem to have in the movies :p:

And now, after a few weeks work, here is my finished waistcoat, front and back:

Then here are some close ups/different angles:
 My machine and hand appliqu├ęd hand motifs (the little xxx are hand embroidered):

Satin stitch hand embroidered kiss :):

It was hard to get the lapels so sharp (and the pocket flap points too!):

It was a fun and challenging project. I learnt so much as this was my first ever piece of menswear.  I am really proud of the result though :-) please do leave me any comments below- I would love to know what you think.

See you all again soon, when I will be announcing a special giveaway........!

Bye xxx

P.s. All images in this post are copyright to me (Jordan Norrington)


  1. It looks so good, Jordan :D

    Really want to head back and take some proper pictures of my own... Oh well, so long as they haven't been taken away, maybe I'll get the chance to on Monday.

    G. x

    1. I thought your pictures actually looked alright! Your waistcoat is so lovely! :) Happy birthday for tomorrow lovely XXX :D

  2. your waistcoat is amazing I LOVE it. the style is bril. old gangsters style. Reminds me a bit of Al Capone and the speakeasy era. 20s Prohibition is a brilliant historical period

    1. Thank you :) Yeah that period is definitely an interesting one! Hope you are doing well xxx

  3. Fantastic! Brilliant design and amazing work.

  4. oh wow! That is amazing! xox


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