Friday, 17 October 2014

Innocent big knit- Hatwalk!


I hope you are happy and well :)
Yes, the time has rolled around again for the Innocent Big Knit! I love taking part, though so far this year I have only managed 10 hats in between doing my uni work. I reckon I can fit in making a few more before the deadline is up but I wanted to show you the 10 I have sent in so far;

Rose hats! Hehe, I made some fabric roses using the technique I learnt on my bridal wear course at LCF. They look quite effective I think, and the cream ones really match the theme of my blog :P:

Next were a couple of mouse ones- I usually make a couple of these as they are always fun and pretty quick really!:

Hahaha, next Mcdonalds, or Moschino (That brand did a mcdonalds themed collection of clothing/accessories :P)- you decide! These are a fun Idea I came up with this year. I love mcflurrys so I thought I would pay homage to their creator :OP:

And last but not least some little bear ones. My nan gave me the sparkly brown yarn and the buttons were in a pack from my friend for my birthday one year:

I hope people like my little hats and that all the hatted bottles as part of the big knit fly off the shelves so Age UK get lots of money to put towards their good cause!

I will be back to see you all again very soon,

Have a good weekend!,

Byeee xxxx

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  1. Your little hats are brilliant! Those rose ones are beautiful xox


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