Thursday, 11 November 2010

Christmas and Chicks!

Hola Everyone :)

Recently me and my mum bought some donations to give to the shoebox appeal. It is a charty whcich gives christmas presents to kids that don't normally get anything. The stuff gets put in shoeboxes and sent to kids around the world who dont have all the luxuries we have. Its a really nice appeal. I donated some hairclips that I made with crocheted flowers on them (as seen in picture!) Its a nice thought to think that something I made will brighten a kids day :)

 (All our stuff!!!!!!)

There are a few rules you ahve to follow so that your box is suitable but it makes you feel really good when you make one as something as small as a bracelet can make a childs christmas!

From one charity to another.....

I also finished some more chicks (and sonwmen!) for the charity knitting I am doing. They are easter bunny themed:

The lady who organizes it said they accept snowmen other animals etc so I thought I would be a bit creative!I am very close to my target of 50!!!!!!!!  Ill keep knitting.......

Talk soon,

Enter the giveaway or itll be too late :o) Only 9 days left!

Bye Bye

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