Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The present day....

Hi guys!

I thought I would do a post about what is currently going on in my life.......

At the moment im on exam leave from school. Ive done most of my exams. I only have food tech left on friday. (YAY!!!!!! NO MORE REVISING!)

I have started making my own buttons from fimo. I love how creative it is you can do whatever you want and can use the finished product! I made some halloween pumpkin ones for the swap I did last month. Here they are:

Im going to make some for my next swap which is christmas themed. I might also do a tutorial on here soon on how to make some for anyone who wants to try it. They are simple but fun :D

As I am vegetarian me and my family don't eat turkey for christmas dinner, but when I saw Alan darts latest pattern in simply knitting magazine I knew we were going to have one this year......

Hes so cute, how could you not wanna make him, but remember turkeys are for life not just for christmas ;)

I found out I had alot more friends than I thought when I sat down to write my christmas present list, Ive been making around a present a night. I decided I was going to make them all something so Ive been trawling Ravelry to find patterns for interesting mini items for all of them, its a long process!
I wrote my own pattern for a pom pom headphone case/ trinket box the other day which I will be posting up for free soon :)

Im also practising for a christmas concert coming up at school soon, I play clarinet. For those of you who dont know what it is its the instrument squidward in spongebob sqaurepants plays (Yes, thats why I chose that instrument. hahaha so sad I know!)

Well thats my life at the moment. I pretty much counting down the days to christmas. Hope everyone esles is going ok!

See you all very very soon

P.S my uncle from Australia is coming over on friday. I havent seen him in ages! Im making him a crocheted christmas pudding as a prezzie :) will post pics soon! ohhh im so excited....


  1. How do I go about getting the instructions for knitting this adorable turkey?

    1. I am not 100% sure, it is definitely an Alan Dart pattern and it's original name is Tipsy Turkey. You may be able to fin the patter for sale on ebay or maybe even Ravelry or Alan Darts own website :) I hope this helps, it is an amazing pattern! xxxx


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