Thursday, 25 November 2010

Old Jewellery crochet stitch markers

Hi everyone,
In lots of the crochet patterns I use it recommends using a safety pin as a stitch marker. I do this a lot as I find it easy to move and use but it does look a bit boring! :/ So I though how can I make them more exciting and I came up with Jewellery stitch markers......

here is a very simple tutorial for making crochet stitch markers from old jewellery and safety pins :)
First you need some safety pins:

Then some old (or new) Jewellery with different charms /bead/chains on it:

Take one safety pin and one charm. Using pliers or your fingers open the ring of one of the charms slightly. Hook it through the circle part of the safety pin and using pliers or your fingers shut the ring so that the charm stays on the pin :)


You can experiment but using all kinds of charms and if using things like necklaces you can use different lengths of chain to make a kind of chainy tassel :) Anything you like really. Just be creative that's the main thing.

Also when they are done you can wear them on your clothes in case you start a project on the go!

(That's what I'm going to do! :0)

See you soon xxx


  1. That is super cute! And it would work for knitting too, I'm sure! I have tons of cute earrings that have lost their mates, lying around, this is such a good way to put them to some use!

  2. Thanks, Im glad you like the idea :) Wherever I go Im going to wear one because I never have one when I need one!!! :0)

    Yes Im sure it will work with knitting too :)


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