Thursday, 4 November 2010

Happy (late!) Halloween......

Happy Halloween loyal readers!

I realise I am a bit late (4 days!) but I was busy with trying to post Japan pictures and set up the giveaway. However I was not willing to let Halloween pass by without a mention because it is one of my fave holidays :D

The theme for the swap on ravelry was Halloween so I got a cool themed parcel that made my day even more special. It had loads of great stuff including some kool aid so I can do my own dying. (How exciting!)
Thankyou to my generous swap partner!

Because we arrived home quite late by the time we got to the supermarket the next day all the big pumpkins were sold out but we did find these........ munchkin pumpkins!
They are so cute, however because they are so small they are un-carveable :/ So we had to decorate them and draw on them instead.
Mines the one with the purple star bow.....

 ... from real pumpkins to knitted ones. I made four of these as a Halloween gift for my family and one one for myself ( I couldn't resist!) They were from the Jiffy knits book I mentioned in an older post on my blog. the pattern was soooo quick I made them all in one night:

I hope everyone had a good Halloween like me, next is Christmas :D

Information and how to enter is in earlier post and will be re posted soon :)
Good luck

Bye bye friends :0)

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