Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Another tiny turtle... and several christmas puds!...


 Squirt says hi too! xD

Ever since I made the first little turtle from a pattern on crochetville for my friend at Christmas, a few people have asked my to make one for them too, such as my friends cousin. Recently another person asked me to make them a tiny turtle too. This time I made the turtle from a different pattern that came in Let's Get Crafting magazine. I'm very pleased with how he came out:

The person who received him loved him and named him Squirt after the cute little turtle in Finding Nemo :3

And guess what, I've had another request already! I think I might even try making my own pattern this time...

Another thing I finished recently was the seven Christmas puddings decorations that I posted about being asked to make after Christmas. These are my own pattern and are the first things I have made and actually sold! :D

I wrapped them nicely as I think presentation is very important :0) Its always nice to get something packaged nicely it makes things that extra bit special.

I even added one of the business cards/labels I made :)

Hopefully ill be able to set up my own Etsy/folksy shop one day. That would be really fun, ah well maybe soon!

Au revoir! xxx


  1. Awh, the turtle is super cute. :) Congrats on your first sale, too! Though, if you set up an online storefront, I would use Artfire - Etsy seems to be turning me off a LOT lately.

  2. Thanks!

    I have never heard of Artfire but will be sure to check it out, it sounds really interesting! :D


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