Wednesday, 18 May 2011

On my way to the runway

Yo people!

I have finally got round to actually knitting up my design idea for the project yarnway challenge on ravelry!!!! It took me a while as I had to knit a tension square first, then print out some knitters graph paper and colour in all the little squares to create my design before I could finally pick up my needles. Don't get me wrong though I enjoyed it all its just nice to actually start making and see it all coming together :)

I'm reeeeaaalllyyy pleased with how its coming out, the words are really clear. Its cool to watch all the sayings appear before your eyes as you knit each row. (I'm also secretly happy with my intarsia, especially as I'm pretty in experienced with it but its coming out quite neat! :D)

I'm definitely using this bag when its finished. Ive got to get a move on though as its due on the runway by the end of May...

I'm off to knit a couple more rows,


p.s If you notice that any of your comments are not shown on the blog anymore it is not because I deleted them. Blogger crashed about a week ago and they have been lost in cyber space I think :( Hopefully they will come back soon!

See ya xxx


  1. That's also one of the reasons I love colorwork ... haven't done it in so long, though! I see you joined the DAL group, too - are you gunna do it!? /peer pressure!/


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