Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Project Yarnway!

Hi guys :)

On Ravelry I joined a group called Project Yarnway (If you ever seen project runway you'll get what the group is all about. If you've never seen it GET WATCHING NOW, IT'S GOOD!)

I missed 'season 1' but now season 2 has come around so I can join in :oD The design challenge for this month is as follows:

> Aliens invaded earth, destroying governments, infrastructure, and communications before moving on in their galactic rampage, and now you’re on your own. Using only materials that you currently have access to, what will you make that will be useful to yourself and your loved ones in this vastly changed landscape? (Please be able to tell us how your project will be helpful and why.)

Sooo I got my thinking cap on and came up with this, the bag of inspiration!

I figure this would be very useful as obviously you can carry stuff in it but also when you read it it will make you feel better. I think you'd need a bit of inspiration if aliens really did invade earth to help you go kick alien butt!!!!!

Now the hard bits left, making it, its gunna be ALOT of intarsia! :0)
See you all later,



  1. I LOVE this idea, it's so positive!!! You must share your FO when it's ready!

  2. Thanks, I definatley will do!


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