Monday, 30 May 2011

I achieved alot today.....

Well firstly I climbed a mountain!

Snowdon in Wales to be exact.

Its the second time I've climbed it now, before I climbed it on a geography field trip but this time I did it with my family :) Its 1085m tall and we managed to walk allllll the way up and down in about 4 hours. It was hard on the way up and I ache now but you get a real sense of achievement so its definitely worth it :0) I even managed to knit a row of my latest project at the top!

 Here is a pic I took on the way down:

Also I am pretty much finished with my bag of inspiration for the Project Yarnway runway tomorrow! YAY :D

I'm sooo pleased with how its come out! I can't wait to enter it into the competition :0)

See you all again soon,

Bye xxx :)


  1. Oh, I do love that bag! And the mountain view! :) Both are super beautiful!


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