Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Blog Vacation

Hi guys,

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I leave for Cyprus tomorrow! :D  I am soo excited, I have packed all my mini cross stitch kits and lots of my charity knitting projects so I am ready to go!

Sadly though I don't think I will have much internet access, if any, so I will have to take a blog vacation too :(
(*tear, sniffle* I will miss you all and my little bloggy woggy!)

But I will only be away until Thursday 1st September and when I get back I'm sure I will have looooaaadddddsss of brilliant stuff to share with you all! :D

I didn't manage to finish my dice scarf before I went, I will finish it and post pics when I get back, there is only so much room in my suitcase for yarn! :0)

I'm hoping to find and buy some good stuff and am looking forward to all the heat (so I can go swimming without a wetsuit!!! YAY!) and my mum's got the factor 50 so I don't burn! Lol!

See you all when I get back home, unless I can find an internet cafe, in which I would post to update you all :)

bye <3


  1. Sounds so fun! Have a good time!

  2. hello dear, i will miss you so much..
    keep well and have lovely time and bring lots of pictures..and i will come to your blog and will look after the sheepie..
    hugs for you..love xx

  3. Have a great time Jordan! I'll miss your blog but look forward to your return! :D And the photos of all the cross stitching you'll get done while you're away!!!


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