Sunday, 7 August 2011

DAL Is Done!

Hi guys,

I worked really hard last night on my Dal project and I managed to get it all finished! :D It was quite a lot of sewing for all the flowers but I am really pleased with how my gloves turned out.

Here is the picture I used as inspiration (just to remind you all :)

And here are a few pictures of my finished Cherry Blossom Gloves!!!!!! :]

In the end I worked them flat as it was quite fiddly trying to work with a relatively small number of stitches in the round.

I made the centre of the flower darker than the petals to make the flowers look just like real cherry blossoms. The back is just plain :)

They are very comfy (and so they should be after the time it took me to get sizing right!). One side had to be longer than the other so they fit hands nice and snugly :-)

I hope you like them!

I really happy with my design. The DAL has been really fun. Also I'm early, the deadline for submitting your design is the 25th of August :0)
Thanks Alyoops for setting up the group!
I'm off to put up my pictures in the completed thread,

See ya!

Bye xxx


  1. They are super gorgeous! Seriously, though, I think that if you had testers only do one glove they could DEFINITELY get it done in two weeks! :P

  2. I love these!!!!! They're so pretty! Seriously! I just want to keep saying that again and again!!! Haha! GREAT job! (I also love real cherry blossoms!)

  3. Wow, these look amazing!

    I wish I could be as talented as you with designing....

  4. They are absolutely gorgeous Jordan! You're so clever with all your patterns and designing!!! Hope you're enjoying your holiday :) Laura x

  5. Alyssa: Thanks, I am determined to get entered into the prize draw! Im going to get my pattern tested some how, even if I have to test knit them again myself! :0)

    Rachel s: Thank you so much :D I know cherry blossoms are really beautiful! I like Fuschias too :)

    Knittinggril: Thank you very much, Im glad you like them :-) You ARE good at designing :) Your mini cupcake and pencil case on your projects page are brilliant!

    Chaucer's Aunty: Thanks! I'm having a great holiday (still in IOW) but next week sometime I'm off to cyprus for the second half of my holiday so I will blog about that too! Have a great week! xxx


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