Thursday, 11 August 2011

Holiday and crafting update

Hey guys,

It's not long till I'm back home for a while (then I'm off to Cyprus :) so I thought I would do a bit of a IOW holiday/crafting update and show you my very special new design I have been working on.....! :D

Firstly on my holiday update, I have been back to the haberdashery shop.... some of my families savings are still intact, I promise! (hahhahha :) My (lovely <3) mum treated me to another two cross stitch kits. I chose a pretty seahorse one and funny cat-buried-under-snow one:

I finished the Oriental Lady kit I got :) I haven't decided exactly what to do with her yet but she is very pretty!:

My mum also bought me this bag of different material scraps for me to make some great stuff with :D It was a bargain for only a £1! and that £1 went to charity :) All the material is sooooo coool, I can't wait to start some different projects with it:

In other non-crafty holiday news :) my (brilliant :) Dad bought me this fun Wonka anniversary chocolate bar from a local sweet shop:

It is so great, you even get a replica golden ticket inside! I was like *EEEEEPPPP* when I opened it! hahhaa :D

He and my mum have also bought me mountains of pic and mix and various cookies/cakes....mmmmmmmm :P

Now for some designing news...
I have been working on a new design recently which I hope is gunna look REAALLLLYYY GOOODD when I have finished, it's my new DICE SCARF!!!!!

I'm aiming to finish it before I go to Cyprus so I better keep working hard! :0)

I really hope it's going to look good, I really, really hope! I came up with the design a while ago but had to get the yarn I needed which I didn't have a chance to till now.

I'm off to go eat another cookie and then get back to work! :)

I hope you are all ok and having a nice week,

See ya!

Byeeee xxx


  1. I love the dice scarf!!! Maybe for the kits, you could do a small wall quilt or something, with each block having a sampler in the middle?

  2. Alyssa: Thanks :) Thats a good idea! I think I might try that :-)

  3. Wow, you got those cross-stitch kits at such a low price! Here, similar sized ones cost around $4 at the cheapest.

  4. Hi Jordan! Love the dice scarf, that's going to be brilliant. Lovely new kits too! I bought some more mouseloft kits too when I was at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham yesterday (I'll be posting on my blog about it soon!). Your oriental lady looks great! :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday. And then off to Cyprus! Lucky you! Laura x

  5. Knittinggirl: Yeah, I know that shop has some really good priced stuff!

    Chaucer's Aunty: Thank you! Ooooohhh sounds great, I will be reading the post xxx :)


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