Monday, 22 August 2011

I found a computer and internet!!! :D

Hey guys,

I found a computer! (It's very expensive for interent though!)

Thanks for all the nice comments wishing me a good holiday!

I am having a really good time! (the only thing un fun was the plane flight!) I hope everyone is ok and having a nice time too :)

There is a water park right near us and we get to use it free of charge becuase we booked with a certain hotel so we have been going there every day, they have a lazy river :D  I have been round that many times! I'm not brave enough for most of the slides, hehehe :)

I have done alot of crafting too... I have knitted another three innocent hats, (one like an ice cream with drizzly sauce, a cherry and everything!)   I have also made a piece of bunting for my knitting group and have almost finsihed the 2nd of my cross stitch kits I brought on holiday as well!

The shops near us have lots of cute and interesting things in them so I am looking out for some little bits for a giveaway when I get back :0)

See you all soon,



  1. yipee you found a computer..i am missing you so much..glad that you are having lovely time...
    love you..dont forget me..
    cucki xx
    p:s wooly is doing fine:)

  2. Oooohhh - very jealous of the lazy river :) That's my favorite water park attraction! Once, when we were kids, my brother told me about how sometimes people put razor blades in the water park slides - not true at all, but... I would never go down one...

  3. So lucky, I hope you are having heaps and heaps of fun. Still have 5 weeks until my school holidays :(

    On the plus side, I have another order for a knitted pencilcase:)

  4. Hi Jordan! Sorry I couldn't leave you a comment here yesterday but my blogger login was playing up! Hope you got my message on Rav though. Enjoy the rest of your trip! Sounds brilliant! Laura x

  5. Cucki: Thanks, I won't! Thanks for looking after my sheep!!! :D

    Alyssa: Mine too! Oooohhh, ouch! You have scared me too now! Lol :0)

    Knittinggirl: Thanks, awww, don't worry they will be great when they come :D

    Chaucer's aunty: That's absoloutely fine, I will check rav now :) (limited computer time so I better do it quick!)


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