Tuesday, 15 November 2011

*Advent Giveaway Winner!!* :D

Hi guys!

Entries are now closed and the time has come for the winner of the Advent calendar giveaway to be announced! :D

Drumroll please (hahaha :).........

.......The winner as chosen by the random number generator is....



Image from: here!

I have sent an email to you asking for your address so I can get your special prize on it's way to you ready for the 1st of December!


To all the other entries, don't worry if you didn't win this one as, of course :), there will be more giveaways soon and I will be putting a picture up of all the things included in the calendar after the 24th of December. So you won't have to live without knowing what was in all the little parcels :P

See you all soon and congratulations again to Eleanor! :0)

Bye! xxx :0D


  1. Thanks sooooo Much Jordan, still can't believe I've won, was really nice to find your email when I got home, a) as i haven't won something since pass th parcel when i was 6 and b) cause i had a really bad day, really cheered me up :)

    Eleanor xxx

  2. Congratulations to Eleanor
    Enjoy it as much
    as much
    as much as you can


    Best to all
    Thank you Jordan for your generosity

  3. congratulations to Eleanor.
    thank you so much jordan for the lovely giveaway...
    love and hugs xx

  4. Well done Eleanor! Enjoy it! (although obviously I'm gutted I didn't win, hahahaha!) Thanks again for hosting such amazing giveaways Jordan!

  5. Springmusician: Hehehe, that's ok, Congratulations :) I'm glad it cheered you up xxx

    Jany: You are very welcome! :)

    cucki: that's ok :) Im so happy everyone liked it so much! I will have to come up with some specail new ideas for some giveaways :0) xxx

    Chaucer's Aunty: You are extremely welcome! I wish I could give everyone A prize! :) xxx


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