Friday, 18 November 2011

Introducing... Candy! :)

Hi everyone :)

For passing my driving theory test my nan (very generously!) gave me £20 to spend on whatever I wanted, later when I was looking at stuff on ebay I saw some beautiful basaak dolls, Blythe clones, which were only about £21 each so I ordered one using my treat money and the other day she arrived!!!! She like Catherine was very nicely packaged and tied up string and everything:

And here she is...

I called her Candy :)
(a suggestion from knittinggirl on Ravelry which seems to fit her perfectly and she loves!)

She is quite shy but her and Catherine are getting on like a house on fire! Catherine is very happy to have a new friend :)

Candy's hair clip was one of the many pretty extras (The seller even included a pretty little bag for me with London buses and things on, so cute!) which came with her but I designed and made the outfit she is wearing in the picture for her :0)

Catherine's new coat was a gift to me for passing my theory test from my mum (I have a very generous family! :-) She really likes it and doesn't want to take it off because it keeps her soo snuggly and warm!

Im off now, I have some work to do before having pizza for dinner and then watching glee with my mum Catherine and Candy, lol :P

See you all soon,

Bye from all three of us! xxx


  1. hey catherine got a new friend..welcome to our dear candy...she is so sweet too..
    they both are looking so lovely in their pretty dresses..
    love for you..have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Cucki: Hehehe, Candy says hello! Thank you :) I hope you have a lovely weekend too xxx

  3. So cute! :) I love the pink hair!

  4. Alyssa: Thanks, yes, I love how bright it is! :)


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