Sunday, 20 November 2011

Quirky Update! 8>

Hi guys,

I thought I would do a picture update on Quirky as he is gradually looking less and less deconstructed and more and more like a turkey! Here is him so far:

I love the face, it took me a long time to stitch but it was worth it :) Just all the feathers left to sew on and his little party blower and feet left to knit, not much at all :0)

Im soo happy and excited to have him almost finished! My family are getting excited too :D hehehe!

Another thing that made me happy today is I managed to pick up this cool Monster High Frankie Stein crafty-home economics themed doll :) She comes with a little stitched toy and needle and thread accessory and everything!

Since I got my first Blythe I just keep wanting more and more different special dolls to make outfits for :) And I love her with all her cool crafty stuff. I got her for a really good price in Smyths, only £15.49 because we got a discount!

I'm off now as It's my bedtime, hahaha :-)

See you all very soon,

bye xxx


  1. he is gorgeous really cute
    love the doll
    your lucky you can get dolls, my mum would probably say i'm to old :P i collect porcelein dolls though i have 3 and want more :P

  2. hi, he is really looking so smart..a beautiful looking handsome turky..i like him so much...
    i love your doll so much...again she is so lovely..
    keep well and have a lovely week xx

  3. springmusician: Thanks! :0) Heheh, I did get some funny looks in the toy store, but whatever! :0) Ooooh how cool! xxx

    cucki: Thank you cucki! :) I hope you have a brilliant week too :0) xxx

  4. Quirky is coming along well! I love him! :) Also, I LOVE Monster High... yes, I know, I'm 21 years old, but I was bored one day and watched all the webisodes online with my friend. Because in college, you behave as if you were in elementary school.

  5. Alyssa: Thank you! Hehehe, I am glad you admitted that as I kind of have an urge to watch them :0P Hehe college sounds fun! xxx


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