Friday, 4 November 2011

Project update!

Hi guys :)

I thought I would do a bit of a mini crafting update. First up I finished my dice scarf!!! Hehehe :D It has taken a long time but I have finally finished!
Here's a pic :) :

I am soo happy with it, I wore it to 6th form today :0)

 The thing that took the longest was sewing on all the dots! 

And secondly, I am getting there with quirky now :-) Bit by bit he is starting to take shape. I have finished his body, his head and neck, his wings and half of his tail. So now all that is left is his feet, hat, beak and the other half of his tail. I will post a picture of him soon once I have sewn all the the bits together and he isn't so much of a deconstructed turkey! Lol!

See you all again soon,

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxx


  1. That scarf is really cool! Love it!

  2. hi, this is a very lovely so talented.
    love for you..say hi to catherine :)
    hugs xxx

  3. The scarf is very cute! Can't wait to see your turkey :) Though... how does Thanksgiving work in the UK?

  4. Oddsocks: Thank you! :0)

    cucki: Hehehe, thank you :)
    I will be sure to! xxx

    Alyssa: Thanks! :) Well we don't really have thanksgiving, just Christmas really, me and my faimly are having a special meal with cornbread on thanksgiving this year! Eeepp I love cornbread :D

  5. Fantastic scarf! I love the way you have sewn the pieces together too, some on the diagonal. Bet you got lots of great comments at sixth form! Laura x

  6. Chaucer's Aunty: Thanks! :0) Hehehe, yes people did think it was good, my friend held up the two ones then said 'snake eyes!' lol xxx


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