Tuesday, 22 November 2011

One down, four to go!

Hello everyone,

I recently realised that if wanted to get all my Christmas crafting done I was going to have to start taking some of it to school too! So I sat and thought about what would be most practical and decided cross stitch would be the best option as I have a lot of books and that is small enough to fit in my bag :)

In Hobbycraft a while ago I bought 5 Christmas cross stitch kits to make decorations for my tree so I took one of those in and now I have finished it:

I am soo happy, he is soo cute!

One of my friends did one stitch, she really wanted to try it, hehe :0) she did very well, she stitched one of the pieces of fallings snow.

It took me a week and a 1/2 doing it in my breaks, registration and lunch if I got a chance. I had to do a bit of undoing due to counting wrong because of the noise in the common room! lol

I lost the mini kit at one point as it fell out of my pocket :( but someone found it and handed it in at the office which I was very grateful for as I really wanted to finish him! and now I have :D

Only four more left now, a cat (which I am starting tomorrow), a penguin, a robin and a little Santa too. I think I will manage to get them all finished....

I'm once again off to bed now,

See you all very soon!

Bye xXx :D


  1. aww he is super cute..i love him too..
    well done..
    hugs xx

  2. Aaw, so cute:)

    Glad to see I'm not the only one taking my crafts to school!

  3. cucki: Hehehe, thank you :) I love all your stitching projects on your blog, they are all so pretty! xxx

    Knittinggirl: Thanks :D xxx

  4. what a super cutie he is ;)
    u'll have to get your friend a cross stitch kit for christmas :P

    good luck for the others :)

  5. springmusician: Thanks :) Heheh, thats a good idea! xxx


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