Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Space swap makes


Yesterday Annamaltoys received her parcel from me for the cute and quirky swap so now I get to show you what I made :)

Annamaltoys said she liked stars so I made her the rainbow star sun catcher from Hama beads (those ones you iron :) The little baby alien was from the Creepy crochet book  I got for christmas, I couldn't resist making him for the swap, hehehe, he was just too tiny and cute! And the planet keyring was from the pattern I made up a while ago, also I folded the little paper stars  :0)
I had a bit more time this swap so it was great to be able to make lots of little bits and pieces, and Annamaltoys said she liked all the handmade bits of her parcel especially so I was very happy :D

Now I have lots of little projects I need to go and get finished so I can show them all to you soon :)

See you all very soon,

Bye! xxx


  1. wow everything is so sweet :)
    love xxx

  2. Great swop goodies Jordan! The alien is fab. I like the star too, I must have a go at those beaded decorations sometime, I had some heart and star ones for Christmas, they're so effective. Hope you are well. Laura x

  3. cucki: Thank you :-) XXX

    Chaucer's Aunty: Thanks! They are fun to make, in Hobbycraft's sale I got the rainbow beads so thought I would give them a go :)

    I hope you are well too :0) xxx


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