Saturday, 31 March 2012

Brother's Birthday! :D

Hello everybody,

Tomorrow is my brothers birthday! :D This year he got his cake a bit early as my dad had to work on Saturday so wouldn't of had time to finish it for Sunday then so he started early and presented it to my brother yesterday. My brother loves space and anything to do with it, this is the cake design my dad came up with for him this year:

A to-scale (and factually correct) cake representation of the first footprint on the moon!!! The flag behind the cake is also made of icing and the ridges underneath it are made of chocolate rice cake crispie and the moon rock chunks are made of coloured icing, so everything, as usual is edible :-)

It is super delicious but after two days we have barely made a dent! Hehehe my dad said there was 36 eggs (!!!!) that went in to it so luckily we all have good stamina when it comes to eating cake :P lol!

I didn't quite create anything near that scale for my brother but I did design and make him this little ami Nasa astronaut:

I tried to get it a little bit factually correct by adding the little badges and straps on the space suit, I really hope he likes it :0) I also got him a Domo plush because he keeps admiring my collection and two trading card thingys with real moon and mars rock on them!

In other news I sent of these ten chicks/snowmen I made for a cancer charity's chick knit that some of you may remember I participated in last year:

It took me longer than expected to complete them but I am glad I managed to finish and get them sent off before Easter :)

I'm off to eat some more cake now, hehehe :P

See you all soon,

Bye xXxX


  1. Wow, fabulous cake!!! And love that ami astronaut and all your chicks/snowmen are fab, I'm sure they'll be appreciated by the charity. Enjoy the cake! Laura xxx

  2. That cake is amazing, the ami astronaught is very sweet, I love the attention to detail. the chicks and snowmen are cute, and i'm sure will be valued by the charity. x

  3. Chaucer's Aunty: I know, I was like, wow!!! hehehe, thanks :) They are very fun to make becuase you can do different designs :-) xxx Have a nice week!

    Kerryp77: Hehehe we are still no where near finished! Thanks :) My brother liked it so I was happy :-) xxxx Have a lovely week!


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