Sunday, 26 August 2012

Butterflies, fish, monkeys (and more shopping!)

I had a bit of a temporary trouble with the internet, thats why I didn't check back sooner :0) I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
On Thursday me and my family went to butterfly and fountain world. It was my choice, even though I have a mild fear of butterflies and moths, because I wanted to see the koi carp in the japanese garden there. (I took pictures but am having trouble uploading :/ so will have to wait till I get back)
On Friday it was shopping day :P Hehehe, there were some lovely masquerade style masks in one shop and my mum said I could choose one as a treat :D I chose a glittery light  purple one with pearl style string beads dangling from it :-)
On Saturday my aunty came over on the hover ferry to spend the day with us and we went to the owl and monkey haven. All the monkeys we soooo sweet one called 'fudge' kept us all very amused he just kept picking grass and eating it, lol! He acted more like a cow! :P
Today we had lunch at Chocolate Island, I had a piece of chocolatey caramel shortcake :0) It was deeellicious (I would send you all a piece if I could :). Then we did some strolling and a bit of shopping I got a couple more masks, a pretty purple cat one and a blue harelquin one in one shop. Then in another my dad treated me to a little recycled paper flower brooch. In a fossil shop I found a bookmark with the heiroglyphic alphabet on it, it was super cool and when I took it to the counter to pay for it the shop owner (Jurassic Jim, lol :P) gave me a mini egyptian quiz, for the prize of a scarab beetle bead. I got the question wrong- it was why do the egyptians like scarab beetles so much; because they thought a giant one rolled up the sun into the sky each morning (scarab beetles are kind of like dung beetles). Jurassic Jim gave me the prize anyway though, lol he was very nice :0D
Tommorrow we are off to mini golf and then me and my brother are cooking for my parents again. I will try to remember to take pictures before eating it all this time though :P I might also manage to finish the mini teddy bear on the beach cross stitch kit I started a while ago and have been working on recently :)
See you all soon,
Byee xxx


  1. sounds like you are having a fab holiday!

  2. So cool glad your having fun looking forward to seein your photos when you get home :) enjoy the rest of your holiday

  3. Kerryp77: Thank you :-) I am enjoying myself lots! I hope you are happy and well too xxx

    springmusician: Thanks :0) I have lots of them to show, lol :P I hope you are having a nice time too :) xxx


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