Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mini shopping spree + some sights :)

Hi everyone,

The meal me and my brother cooked for my mum and dad went well they thought it was very tasty :0) we made mexican pizzas and some wedges (the wedges were a little bit hard though but still ok - me and potatoes don't get on well, they are always slightly hard whatever I do! :/) I forgot to take a picture though and when I remebered they were already gone :P

To make up for it I took some pictures of the places I went today :o)

Here is steephill cove, it is a very pretty place a kind of secret of the island as it is so small and secluded:

And here is a picture of the tropical garden (there are lotttss of different gardens) at Ventnor Botanical Gardens, it is very pretty there too! So many lovely flowers and trees :)

Today we also did a bit of shopping, In my fave craft shop on the island my mum treated me to 6 mini cross stitch kits!!! (mouseloft stitchlets :) I chose a butterfly, a cupcake, a teapot, a rabbit, a dolphin and a Chinese fan one :D In another shop I treated my self to some different embroidered patches as they were on sale at only 50p each! They were mainly american themed and I thought they would look cool if I sewed them onto a pair of jeans :)

There was a fairly new vintage clothes shop in Ventor which was soo cool to look around, I really want to study costume at university so it was fascinating to see all the old clothes, it was seriously like going back in time. Some of the dresses and coats were so beautiful.

Hehehe, I am off to watch Big Brother now (lol, my guilty pleasure :P) and start one of those cross stitch kits (if I can with all the arguing on the show!),

See you all soon, I hope you are all having a lovely week xxx

Bye :-)


  1. Beautiful place..have fun and happy stitching x

  2. Thank you :D I hope you had a lovely birthday! xxx

  3. Gorgeous and sounds like your having loads of fun x

  4. Springmusician: Hehehe, thank you :-) It is lovely here, I hope you are having fun too! xxx


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