Friday, 31 August 2012

Last holiday update!

Hello everyone,

This is my last holiday update as tommorrow I am coming back home. I had a really good last day today though as the sun has been shining and me and my family went back to the Chocolate Apothecary (a reaalllyyy nice cafe). I had half a cookie, half a brownie (I shared with my dad as they are to good to try and choose one of them :P) and some appletizer :0) Mmmmmmmmmm! Also this evening when we went to the pier my brother won a cute donut plush on the grabber/claw machine and gave it to me (we have been trying for the whole week to win something and finally on our last day we did!)
Yesterday we had a 'chipnic' ( a chip picnic :) on the beach, hehehe :0) my dad made up the idea. we packed some rolls and sauce and then went and bought some IOW potato chips from the local chip shop and sat on the beach and ate our chip butties :P I had a few chips left at the end so I fed them to the seagulls, they went crazy for them!!!
On Wednesday we went for a meal at pizza express with some of the gift vouchers my nan gave us, that was really nice I had doughballs, some margherita pizza and then a big toffee glory ice cream :P It was very tasty :)
Tuesday was a shopping day really, my mum took me back to the vintage clothes shop as I really enjoyed looking round it the first time. She helped me look through all the rails for something my size and I tried on some different dresses, they were all so pretty and in the end my mum treated me to my two favourites and a cardigan for me to wear to my upcoming 18th birthday celebrations!(Pictures coming when I get home I am just still struggling to upload them)
This week I managed to finish the teddy bear cross stitch kit I started a while ago and the mini butterfly one my mum bought me last week. And I started another dress for my Monster high doll out of some pretty Chinese style fabric I bought in the IOW this time last year! I also came up with another tutorial to share with all of you which I shall be posting up over the next week or so :D
I hope you all had a lovely week,
See you all very tommorrow to announce the winner of the 2nd blogiversary giveaway, If you haven't entered yet don't miss out! Good luck to everyone :0)
Bye xxxXxxxXxxxX


  1. Sounds like you have had loads of fun :) yay For fun

    You'd be back at school now won't ya? I start uni 1st October

    U would love Hastings so many gorgeous vintage shops there it's gorgeous I went there last week with Martin and his family we had gorgeous chip lunch there

    I also went out with them this week we went to Cressing temple barns and to a farm I got to milk a cow :P and hold a chick and feed all the animals it was so cool (I've always wanted to milk a cow) going to create a blog later on my laptop :)

  2. Springmusician: Hehehe, yay! Thanks, I did :)

    Soon, in a couple of days I go back. I bet you are sooo excited! :D

    Hehehe, that sounds fun. I love baby chicks so cute! ooooh, do comment or message me to tell me the link, I can't wait to look :-) xxx


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