Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Cooking and crafting

Hi friends,

Since I got home I had really been craving those 'Maxibon Cookie' ice creams, I had a check in my local supermarkets but none of them sold them :/ But then I thought what do I normally do when I can't find what I would like? I try to make it :0) So that is what I did, me and my brother bought some cookies, ice cream and chocolate and attempted to re-create the deliciousness! We had to work really fast as you could feel the ice cream melting. They weren't very neat but they were tasty :P:

Another thing that was very tasty was the chocolate bunny me and my dad made together today!:

I bought my dad the mould and chocolate as a birthday gift as he really likes cooking and today we gave it a go, it was very fun. The chocolate came out very thick as I bought my dad a 1kg bar of Cadbury's and we ended up using it all :-P We didn't eat it all this evening though, promise!

In amongst all the chocolate and ice cream eating/making I have been doing some crafting though, Here is the little sign I made as a present for my mum and dad:

It is made out of scrabble tiles and I made up the little rhyme myself :o) A while ago my mum gave me a bag of scrabble tiles that she found in my brothers games cupboard, I kept thinking what to do with them and finally came up with the sign idea, my parents really liked so I was happy. I might try making a little door plaque for myself out of some of the remaining tiles.

I'm off to bed now as I am quite tired after spending the afternoon chocolate making :P Also I have got to get up my energy too as tomorrow me and my brother are making another batch of the cookie ice creams for when my nan and grandad come round in the afternoon!

See you all soon,

Byeeeeeeeee XXX


  1. Yum yum what a yummy time you all had:)
    I love the sign so much too..
    Big hugs xxx

  2. Brilliant! Especially that big choccie bunny!And your sign is really lovely! Brilliant idea. Happy cookie ice cream making ^_^

  3. Hey Hun

    They are awesome
    If I can find some maxibon I'll tell you where from x

    Did you get your As results today? I got into uni :)

    Hope you are ok xx and good luck in everything x

  4. Lidl do an ice cream very like maxibon, can't remember what it's called but I remembered eating one (sleep does that to me makes me think an remember)

  5. cucki: Hehehe, we did! Thank you :) Hugs back xxx

    Steph: Thanks! Me and my brother had lots of fun :0D xxx


    I got my results yesterday :) I got 5 A's (including general studies) so I was happy :-)

    Hehehe, thanks about the ice cream tips, I will definately check out lidl. I kinda like walking round there anyway so if they have the ice creams, even better!


    1. Yay you

      We didn't do general studies

      No As on my side sadly I got a b in history (I got an A at As but the coursework this year brought my grade down) just glad my grades got me into uni to do music :)
      You are alot cleverer then me :P

  6. Springmusician: Hehehe, thank you :D

    Congratulations, that's really good! :-) I am so happy for you :0) Stop flattering me, lol! :P xxx

  7. They look yummy!!

  8. hollyscreativecrafts: Hehehe, they were tasty! Lots of the cakes you blog about look delicious too! :0P

  9. WOW that bunny is amazing! And what a great idea with the scrabble tiles!

  10. Chaucer's Aunty: Thank you :) It was fun making both :D xxx


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