Thursday, 6 September 2012

Cupcake crafting

Today was my first day back at sixth form :) I had been meaning to decorate my ID card holder for  a while but yesterday I finally got round to it, ready for the big day back! I collected up all my gems and stickers and here is what I ended up with:

Hehehe, I went with SUPER jazzy :P And cupcakes are very cute so I went with those too!
Talking of cupcakes, for Christmas (if I can keep it a secret for that long... :-) I am making my dad a cupcake tea cosy. He saw a cupcake hat in a fairtrade shop in the IOW and thought it would be cool to have a cupcake tea cosy. When I got home I realised I had the perfect yarn to make him one so I got started and I have made one side already:
I am going to add some multicoloured beads as sprinkles and a giant red pom pom as a cherry :o)
I'm off to start knitting the other side,
See you all soon!
Bye Bye xxx


  1. Aww yumyyy cup cake :)
    Sweet hat..
    Have a lovely day xxx

  2. what a cute hat! I like the choice of color :)

  3. cucki: Hehehe, thanks its going to be a tea cosy but it would probably make a hat too :0) You too! xxx

    Alyssa: Thanks, I like the pink too, it reminds me of candy floss :P xxx

  4. I love I love I love
    and I love your bracelet in the next post
    I want a tea cosy like that now :P
    yum candy floss


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