Sunday, 30 September 2012

Finished hats and my fun day! :o)


I managed to get my hats sent off on Thursday, I didn't quite reach my target of 20 as it took me a whiIe to decorate the ones I had already knitted but I was close with 18. Here are all  my hats for 2012!!!! :-)

 had tons of fun making them and I can't wait to see all the little hats appearing on the smoothie bottles in boots and sainsburys in November! (As usual if you see any of mine please let me know as I would love to know where they end up :D)
Thank you for all the lovely comments when I posted about the tailors voluntary work experience  managed to get :) I had a brillllliiiiaaannntttt day yesterday!!! I got there and the manager and seamstress working there greeted me and were so nice :-) I was prepared to make teas all day, just getting watch them work would have been great but they actually let me help them on some of the projects they were working on (they don't just tailor they do dress making/design and alterations as well). I was a lot slower than they would have been but I had to cute out several fabric shapes to be used in dresses and sew around the edge on the professional sewing machines (they are al ot better than my home one! :oP), then iron the pieces and once I had done that I got to sew quite a few buttons down the back of a dress :) I was so pleased I got to work on something that would actually go to a customer! I also tried on a dress (over my jumper so I must have looked silly) to help them so they could see how it would fit. The best bit is I can go back next Saturday! As a thanks I said I would make them pincushions as they had one similar to the jar ones I like to make and started saying about them and they seemed quite interested. Here are their personalised ones I made to take next week:
Hehehe, I hope they like them! :)
See you all soon,
Bye XXxxXX


  1. ooh, wonder if I'll see any, will have to keep my eye out! Glad you enjoyed your work experience too. x

  2. super sweetttttttttttttttttttt

  3. I think taking the time to decorate the ones that you did makes them way cooler :P

  4. Kerryp77: Hehehe! :0) Thank you, I can't wait to go again tommorrow! :) xxx

    cucki: Thanks :-) xxx

    Alyssa: I like to try and make them cool, very plain ones can get a bit boring to make :)

  5. Well done you very proud xxx

    If I'd like to know how my freshens week has gone I'm gonna blog it in a minute I haven't got a picture to go on (I kept forgetting to take pics) but hopefully you will enjoy hearing about my week


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