Friday, 14 September 2012

My Birthday :D


As I mentioned today is my Birthday! :) I have had an amazingly fantastic day and feel thoroughly loved from all the good wishes from all my friends and family.

As usual my Dad blew me away with the amazing cake he made me! It was Domo themed as he knows how much I love the little guy :0) My dad was a little bit dissapointed as Domo fell off the top off the cake (he was standing up) 40mins before my dad was going to pick me up from 6th form but I think he did a brilliant repair job :) (And even if the cake had completely collapsed I still would have loved it because of all the effort and love that went in to it!) He added funny little signs like 'ouch' hehehe cos domo fell over that made me laugh because domo is mischevious :P Here it is:

Everything is edible and it's all delicious! I had a huuugggggeee slice when I got in and I'll another bit having some for breakfast tommorrow :0P
I had so many lovely gifts to open too :-) One of my (brilliant) friends was so generous she brought me ten gifts all wrapped up individually and some pretty flowers! They were all so fitting to me too :D And my parents and brother got me some fantastic presents too, my brother got me a special kung-fu domo and domo DVD and my parents got me a weaving loom, some more monster high dolls, a beautiful apple print bag, costume books (as that is what I really want to study at uni next year), an iron which I asked for for ironing fabric and stuff (our one is reallly old :P) and more! Here is a group shot of my prezzies:
I feel very lucky to have such nice people to share my birthday with, that includes all of you lovely readers too :)
Tommorrow I am off to London with my three best friends for my party. As I like sewing and cute stuff I decided I wanted to take them all to Build a bear (lol, not what your average 18 year old does :P) and then we are having a meal somewhere and doing a bit of shopping :) I am super excited so I better go get my sleep for the busy day ahead!
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend :D,
See you all soon,


  1. Happy Birthday hun, I had no idea it was your birthday, glad you had a fab day :) I love ur paper clip jewellary from previous post :P

    u were very lucky in your pressents and build a bear is a fab idea, even though not what the ordinary 18 year old does, who cares as long as u have fun, which I'd done that (cause my BDAY was in May I didn't do anything for it as everyone had exams :(

    anyway have a fab weekend hun

  2. happy birthday dear..
    your birthday cake is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee
    all the gifts are so lovely too..
    have fun xxx

  3. Happy Birthday! There's so much domo :O

  4. Anya Lowery: Thank you :D xxx

    Springmusician: Thanks :-) Yeah build a bear was totally fun! I made a bunny with a pink knitted jumper hat and bootie set :P Awww poor you! :/ Happy very very belated birthday for may, lol :) xxx

    cucki: Hehehe, I know I love cake domo we have eaten almost all of him now but we still have lots of other bits of cake left :0) I know, I am so lucky! xxx

    Alysaa: Hehehe, Thanks! I love domo :P xxx

    1. thank you hun, :) glad you had fun, one of my 17th bday pressents made up for it, I went to see Les Miserables last summer as a late bday pressie I went with my great aunt mum and sister, Alfie boe was Jean Val Jean and Matt Lucas was Thernardier :P it was enough awesomeness to cover 2 bdays

  5. So sorry I missed your birthday Jordan! Happy birthday! And WOW what an amazing cake and fabulous presents, glad you had such a lovely day :-)


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