Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Innocent smoothie gnome hat pattern

Hi everyone,

It's the time of year for the innocent smoothie big knit again supporting Age Uk! I started making some hats and then came up with the idea for a gnome hat :P
I thought I would put up the pattern in case anyone else wanted to make some and get involved :)

The pattern uses the same materials as the original basic innocent hat pattern so you just need some 4mm needles and DK yarn in any colours you like!


In the rim colour cast on 28sts
Row 1-4: Gst
Row 5: Change to the main hat colour and then; k2tog, k to end, k2tog (26sts)
Row 6-8: Stst (beginning with a p row)
Row 9: k2tog, k to end, k2tog (24 sts)
Row 10- 12: Stst (beginning with a P row)
Row 13: k2tog, k to end, k2tog (22 sts)
Row 14-16: Stst (beginning with a P row)
* Row 17: k2tog, k to end, k2tog (20 sts)
Row 18: P *

Repeat from * to * until 10 sts remain

Then: k2tog x 2, k2, k2tog x 2 (6sts)
Next row: P
Then: K2tog x 3 (3sts)

Making up:

To finish draw up the remaining 3sts, sew down the side (with right side facing inwards), darn in loose ends then turn right side out. You can add buttons or pom poms etc.. to the point of the hat  or any decoration if you wish :)

And your gnome hat is all finished! o<:0 u="u">
I hope you like the pattern and have fun making tons of different little hats for the innocent big knit! I love joining in every year :-) I will post up pictures of the other hats I make soon,
See you all soon,
Bye! xxx


  1. Such a sweet pattern, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for this, I am extreamly excited to make it. Iwill post it on when I have made it!

    1. You are welcome :) Ooh I will check it out! Could I the picture on my readers picture page when it is done? Xxx


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