Monday, 3 September 2012

IOW holiday pictures and the paralympics

As promised I have complied some of my best pics I took while on holiday :) Hehehe, I hope you enjoy them. I love to share my holiday with you all! :0)
Here are some of the beautiful koi in the ponds at Butterfly world, I really enjoyed seeing them all, so many pretty colours and patterns:
Hehehe, a monkey having his lunch at monkey world- such a cute little guy!:

As I mentioned me and my brother made dinner for my parents a couple of evenings, but as I also mentioned I forgot to take a picture of the first meal before we ate it all, lol! I did remember for the second meal though so here are the dough balls and pasta bake we made :)

Everyone enjoyed it so I was happy :D
We stayed at Sandown this time. It has a really nice old fashioned sea side feel there. Here is a sunny view of the beach!:
There is always good stuff to buy in the IOW that is one of the reasons I love there so much. These are the beautiful masquerade style masks my mum treated me to:
and here are the cross stitch kits too...
.... I am very lucky! :-)
This is the little seaside bear stitch kit I finished, very appropriate seeing as I was staying at the seaside, lol!
That is all my holiday snaps..... for now, hehehe :P I will post a picture of my vintage dresses nearer my birthday and a picture of the monster high doll dress when it is finished :)
In other news- yesterday I went to the see some of the Paralympics, we had a day pass so I got to see two events in the end. I saw wheelchair basketball and goal ball, I hadn't ever seen either of them before (like when I saw handball at the Olympics- I hadn't seen that before either) so it was very interesting. They were both enjoyable to watch and it was fun to see different stadiums/arenas too :0)

See you all very soon,
Bye :0)


  1. beautiful pictures..
    cute stitching..and lovely new kits..
    thank you for sharing.
    hugs x

  2. cucki: Thank you :) Hehhe, I know I am really enjoying stitchinng them! xxx


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