Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A present for my mum (+ advent pics!)

I hope you are all having a super week :)
The other day my nan visited and she brought me a little present, a WHOLE quality street tin FULL of buttons! I was so excited, she said it was her friends but she didin't need it any more as she is almost 100 and doesn't get round to doing much sewing anymore. I had a long look through and therewere so many pretty ones. The more buttons the merrier- it means you can always find the perfect one for the project you are working on... which is exactly what happened today:
When me and my mum wwnet to the V and A about a month back now to see the costume and fashion displays when we weree in the  gift shop my mum saw a pretty collar accessory but it was a little bit too much for us to afford! I remebered she had liked them but couldn't find a collar that I thought was her style to buy her for Christmas, Yesterday I thought why not just make her one! So  did, I made up a pattern piece and got started :) Today I finished it and then went through my new (giant) button box and found the perfect centre decoration for my collar:
My mum said that button was her favourite so that is the one I added, so it was her style :-) She really liked it and when she tried it on it was perfect size so I was super happy! :D as you never quite know until you try it on. 

Hehehe :0) In other news I finally bring you the photo of the gifts for this years crafty advent 
calendar giveaway for any of still curious:

See you all soon,
Bye :) xxx


  1. everything is so beautiful x

  2. Lovely present for your mum. I'd love to see a pic of the button tin too!

  3. gorgeous pressie, I knitted a collar last year from a pattern in simply knitting, it didn't turn out as beautiful as yours, in fact it didn't look very good at all when I tried to wear it, though it matched the pattern exactly, which was very odd. :P ur a much better crafter than I am :P u have to take a pi of your button box, very jealous about that I love buttons, especially old ones

  4. cucki: Thank you :) xxx

    Kerryp77: Thanks, I will make sure to take one soon and put it up :-) xxx

    Springmusician: The one in the V annd A was knitted! Thank you, you are too kind, lol! :P hehhe, yes buttons are fab :0) I will put up a pic soon :) xxx

    1. My one I realise has gone all wrong because I ironed it, the pattern needed to be ironed, but I've just found out that the yarn I used should not be ironed, So I'm going to have to knit one which can be ironed :P


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