Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Crafty kit makes :)

Hola my lovely friends!
Last post I mentioned the purse I made from the Crafty nana kit I got from my aunt. It was easy to make and I managed to finish it all in one day, christmas day, using my sewing machine, ready to use in the January sales to hold all my bargain hunting money, lol :P
Here it is, the bow wasn't part of the kit, I just added it for fun and to glam it up a bit:

And last post I mentioned the Paper and string kit I bought in John Lewis, in the sales, quite a bargain I would say at £7.50 as I have been having alot of fun with it. Here are my two woodland friends I have finished so far:
An acorn and a mushroom..... any good name ideas anyone? lol :0D I tried out googly eyes for the mushroom (not part of the kit, again just for fun :P) and I think it made it look cute. I still have a fox and a hedgehog to make too, I can't wait to have the whole crew finished, I will probably cut out the felt using the patterns for them later!
I will probably experiment with some different felt characters of my own designs when I have finished, I have had a few ideas whilst I have been stitching these little guys up.
I hope you all had a lovely Monday,
see you all soon
Byeeeeeeeee xxxxx


  1. I love the purse, and your felt characters are lovely

  2. love the purse Jordan, and the felties are very cute - lovely work. :-)

  3. I love the purse and the felties are so sweet! The acorn is brilliant ^_^

  4. Oh, they are so cute! I can't wait to see the hedgehog (that's my favorite animal)


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