Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ooops, I forgot!

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are well and having a lovely week :) I was looking through the pictures on my camera the other day and found a picture of a mini project I forgot to blog about, so I thought I would share it with you now (better late than never, lol :P).

For Christmas I got my nan this build a bear teddy:

I bought the cooking apron and glove outfit but to give it a bit more of a personal touch I stitched the bow and knitted the little cookie too :) My nan liked it so I was pleased!
I also realised I have not yet put up the picture of what was in this years crafty advent calendar so I will try to find the pictures I took and get them to you soon :P Only a month late but just in case some of you were curious :)
See you all soon,
Byeeeee xxxx


  1. Aww she is so sweet
    Love for you x

  2. Sweet bear and the cookie is brilliant.

  3. Gorgeous bear, I love build a bear :P, the cookie is a lovely touch.... Oooo put the pics of what was in it soon please, I'd love to see

  4. Cucki: Thanks :) Love and hugs back xxx

    Steph: Thank you :D xxx

    Springmusician: Hehehe, so do I! Thank you :-) xxx


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