Sunday, 13 January 2013

More felt finishes :)

Firstly, sorry for not replying to the lovely comments that have been made on the last few posts, blogger has been playing up! I do always read all comments and try to reply to each one too so please keep making them! :0D
Last post I put up pictures of the stuff I had been making from my craft kits :) I have carried on working away and have managed to finish the her and string kit, so just the fox left now:
I really like the hedgehog, it came out so sweet, there are such good designs in the kit!
Whilst rummaging around in my room I came across the teatime cake pincushion (crafty nana) kit my nan gave me for Christmas last year and as I am currently in such a felt-kit crafty mood I couldn't resist whipping up a couple of the treats, here is my strawberry-pastry-shortcake-stack thing and berry tart:

Hehehe, when I look at them I feel peckish! :P I still have the piece of Victoria sponge left, I will probably finish that off tonight......
......Are felt craft kit obsessions possible... lol! :P
I hope you are all well and have lots of fun and exciting things coming up,
see you all soon,
Bye xxxx


  1. Wow wow wow I love them so much..
    Love for you x

  2. They look fab Jordan the hedgehog is so cute

  3. Awh, that hedgehog!! I love it! :D

    And, there's a special place in my heart for fancy cake. I always buy some when I go to a city!

  4. The hedgehog is very sweet and those cakes are brilliant!

  5. love all your creations, especially the cakes, an the purse from the previous post

  6. cucki: hehehe :) Thanks xxx

    Kerryp77: Thank you xxx Yeah, I think the design for the hedgehog is super sweet too! :)

    Alyssa: Hehehe, i'm glad I could meet your expecation of a super cute hedgehog :oP xxx

    Steph: Thanks, they were very fun to make :) xxx

    springmusician: Thank you :D I hope you are having a super amazing time at uni! xxxx

  7. Uni is epic, I am going to try and blog more cause it's that epic it needs loads of entries, I've been buhence why I've only just started blogging again)


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