Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A special post

Hi everyone,

Today I have a bit of a different post for you all. My brother has asked me to do a special post today to help him with his PSHCE project about animal rights. Part of his project is to raise awareness so he wondered if I could mention it to all you lovely people :)
Some of the issues involved in animal rights are:
- Testing on animals
- Using animals for entertainment (In a badly treated forced kind of way)
- Using animal skins and furs for fashion
- Animals being treated badly as part of the food industry e.g. in intensive/battery farming
As many of you will know I sponsered a rescue turkey (called Lord Gobble Gooble :) and I have looked into some of the apalling conditions innocent animals have to survive in around the world. I am genuinely concerned about the issues above.
Many companies do try to avoid profiting to the detriment of animals by avoiding animal testing and treating any animals used in their processes well. For example; Lush, The Body Shop, The Co-op and many others are some of the well know producers of animal friendly toiletaries and cosmetics.
Yeo valley the Yoghurt manufacturers even provided comfy matresses in the cow sheds for their dairy cows to lay on! Now that is how it should be done! :P And there are soo many other fabulous companies that are also dedicated to animal rights- look out for them and please try to support them where you can :) Also try not to support any kind of animal entertainment which doesn't seem to be quite right.
PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) have a lot more information about all of the issues above and more and also have many different ideas on how you can get involved in supporting animal rights: http://www.peta.org.uk/ and on many company websites you can find thier ethical policies too to check what they are doing to ensure animal rights.
Thank you very much for reading this special post, I have enjoyed posting about this important issue and my brother is very thankful to you all too, he has been working hard and really wanted to spread the issue further than just our school. He has also made a youtube video and would be very grateful if you could watch it: It is here! :)

See you all soon,

Bye :) xxxXxxxXxxX


  1. I completely agree. Animals are important but they are treated well. Humans thinks since they are animals they can test chemicals on them. I, again, completely agree...

  2. PETA is generally not a fantastic example of true animal rights campaigners; a lot of their information is fabricated, outdated or just plain wrong! Someone at Uni tried to use PETA as a source once and was told if they ever used it again they would fail - I studied Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

    There's also a massive difference between animal testing and testing cosmetics on animals. The first is currently an unfortunate necessity (though more places are starting to test on artificially grown cells which is awesome; but not foolproof yet) but testing cosmetics on animals is horrible and really not needed. The EU ban on testing cosmetics on animals recently came into force which is brilliant.

  3. Well done to your brother. I know how it feels to want to share info on an issue important to you, I feel like with bullying issues, and was in a speech competition at school I wrote my speech on bullying. Keep up the good work Jordan's brother :)

    p.s New blog up today, I'm getting better at actually writing blogs on my blog :P

  4. Alessia: Thanks for your comment :) It is all helpful for my brothers project!

    TheFacelessFool: Thank you for the feedback/information, It is always good to know more about important issues.

    springmusician: My brother says thanks! Yes, Bullying is terrible and is also a serious issue which it is good to address.

    Oooh I will go read it now :) xxx

    1. I think I was a bit overbloggy yesterday, and wrote a couple of blogs :P written one today aswell


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