Friday, 5 April 2013

Back from holiday- an update :)

Hello everyone,
I am back from holiday now, I just got home today :-) I had a super holiday and still have a week of my easter break left so can't wait to enjoy this week too.
In the evenings in the IOW I had quite alot of time to sit in front of the telly and do some crafting :) Here is one of the things I made:
Hehehe, it's a troll bow hairclip :0) I found some little trolls in my room so I thought I would put them to good use and this was my first idea!
I also started some other accessories too but they are not quite finished yet, I will post pics of them when they are done :) (one is another cute hairlip in the shape of a heart with pleated ribbon edging, I've just got to add the finishing decoration.)
Another thing I did in the IOW is lots of shopping! (as usual I bought quite a bit of the fresh handmade fudge they have in the sweetshops as it is super tasty) I have a very cool thing I got to show you know though..... It is..... a fancy dog bag......!:

Yes it is a bag!!! I know, amazing isn't it! a fabric- stitched bag that looks soo much like a cool dog :D I really loved it and my mum very generously treated me to it. I can't wait to use it when I go to the shops- I wonder how many funny looks I will get, lol :P
There are also other types of dog available, I found the website of the company who makes them online: Fuzzy Nation  Some of the bags really look like they could just run off barking! :0)
I'm off to bed now as I'm pretty tired after the journey home and need to get a good rest before I head off to my tailoring/dress making/clothing alterations work experience I normally do on saturdays again :) I had to have 2 weeks off due to the trains and then being away, I can't wait to get back, it is soo fun! I am bringing a handmade cake I got in the isle of Wight as gift so hopefully they like it :-D
See you all again soon, I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Bye xxxx


  1. ooo gorgeous, I love the stuff you got in easter egg hunt, and I love your troll hairclip, it's adorable xxx Popped on, and saw I'd missed two blog posts, so I'm writing now on just this one :P glad your bro had a good bday, ad love the cake, and kindle case also, that bag is freaky, but awesome :P

  2. Also I've just put a blog up about my hols in Wisbech, and on easy student meals, and tips on buying food as a student thought it might be useful for you since you are gonna be a student next year, and ur probs my only reader :P

  3. cucki: Hehehe :) Hugs back xxx

    springmusician: Thank you :D Hehehe I really like it! I think it is so cool :P Oooh I will go and read it now! Def will be helpful :) Im sure you have other readers xxx :-)

    1. you are two kind :)
      I do have my fiancé, does that count as a proper reader though :P

  4. SUUUPER cute purse!!! I also LOVE the hair clip!!!!!!


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