Monday, 15 April 2013

Change is coming!

Hi guys,
I have been meaning to change up my blog a little bit for a while and thought why not now! The change isn't going to be huge, the blog address will remain the same and I wil still be posting regularly. I will just be changing the title and other little bits as from my beggining of only being a knitter I have experimented with so many different crafts and developed a huge love for sewing and costumes/interesting fashions (what I am going to study at uni soo :D) and wanted to show this through my blog title etc.. I will still be posting about any knitting and crochet projects I do, I will just be posting about even more stuff and all of the other things I make too- I will feel I can post about even more if my blog theme covers more! lol :P
See you all soon when posting will resume,
Look out for the changes and let me know what you think!
Jordan xxx


  1. Good luck hun, though it'll be sad to not see you as In It to knit it anymore. Just glad you are going to keep posting, as your blog is the only blog I regulary read. xxx

  2. Good luck!!! I will miss you in In it to Knit it!!! xxx

  3. I like the changes! The title looks faaancy!!!

  4. cucki: Thank you :) xxx

    Springmusican; Hehe, thanks! :) xxx

    Alessia: Thank you, Im glad you like the changes :D xxx


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