Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Build-A-Bear couture

In my free time in the evenings after college I have been pottering making a dress for my Build-A-Bear bunny I made for my 18th birthday (Called Georgia :) I managed to finish it tonight :P It is a little bit dodgy in places mainly because by the evenings the light in my room is pretty terrible! hahaha :oP

Here it is;

My inspiration was the beautiful African style dresses that Stefany (the dressmaker at the tailors I work at when I can) makes. I love them soo much I knew I had to try and make my own version and Georgia was moaning that she didn't have enough clothes (she is a bit of a diva :P) so I thought why not make one for her? :-)
I went with a one shoulder dress with a nice big collar/neckline, a diagonally attached flaring skirt and I even fully lined the bodice hehehe I think it gave me some practice at my pattern cutting skills that's for sure!
I will definitely be making Georgia some more outfits soon so I can try some more designs to practice. Which reminds me I think my Blythe girls need some love and attention in the fashion department too, they have been a bit neglected what with me starting uni- I will get on that over my holiday which is coming up soon.
I'm off to get some sleep now ready to continue my mask which is what we are making as part of out trying out of the props course (we do these little taster days of the other degrees at the college so that we can understand other peoples crafts and skills and respect their part in putting on a production :). Mine is going well... I think :P It is going to look a bit like Medusa I think, but we will see!
Here is the base of it that I have to paper mache:
lots of paper and gluing tomorrow.... lots!
Hahaha see you all soon, and please do check out my shop (just click the button at the side of the page :) as I listed loads of new items last weekend- lots of fun food brooches that I hope you will all like!
I hope you are having a lovely week so far,
Byeee my friends xxxxooooxxxx


  1. That dress is beautiful, do you think it'd fit me :P I'm serious, if that came in my size I'd wear right here right now :P

    ooo, that mask looks fun, I get the medusa look you seem to have loads of fun on your course

    have a good holiday, I have a week off next week (reading week) going home for it

    1. Thanks :) Hahaha when I am a pro I will make you a lovely dress! :P

      Yes I am really enjoying myself!

      Thanks, I hope you have a lovely week- It is nice coming home to see your family :)


    2. :)
      When I'm a famous Opera singer, I shall hire you to design all my clothes and costumes :) xx
      Also, I sent you a surprise to your home address (it was on the back of the advent calender giveaway)

    3. It's a deal! :D xxx

      I got your letter today- It made me very happy :) You are right it is fun to get letters :) I will reply to you of course :P xxxx

  2. Aww sweet bear and the mask is so sweet too :)
    Hugs x

    1. Thank you :) Hehe I hope it comes out ok once I have painted it :-) xxx

  3. Ohh! Your mask is awesome!! Love it ^_^ And the dress is amazing! Georgia must be happy with that. Very handy to have her own personal dress maker ^_^

  4. Thank you, my group is back in the scenics department next friday for or last day sampling that course so I am hoping I will get it all finished then :) Hehehe she is a bit of a diva, so yes I do think she thinks it is good! xxx


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