Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy holiday


I hope you are all having a lovely week! I am in the IOW with my family, it is nice to get to spend some extended time with them rather than just the weekend :)
As usual in the IOW I have found some very cool stuff- I got a personalised rice keyring!!!!! In Arreton Barns (this little craft village and farm shop) there was a artist there who wrote whatever words you wanted on a grain of rice and then you could choose any pretty keyring or necklace to have it preserved in, I was like 'WOW, I have got to get one of those!' :P He was very nice, he usually makes these pretty clay angel statues and had just started rice writing. I got 'Jordan' written on one side and 'Costumier' written on the other as that is the career I am training for and what I love. Heheh it was quite difficult to try and get a good picture of due to it's tininess but I did try:

he guy told me which type of pen you needed to write small enough so I may try and get one so I can write little messages on rice- it feels so fun and special :)
In the time I am not munching on yummy flapjack in the Chocolate Apothecary (a lovely café) or looking around the little shops I have been working on outfits for my lalaloopsy doll, here is my first finished article:

I added lots of trim, a big ribbon and some lace applique to make it super pretty and cute! I also went with black and white as my theme to give a more gothic cut style ready for Halloween.
My next outfit I have started is a sleeveless jumpsuit in green donut fabric- my pattern drafting skills must be getting better as I managed to draft some tapered trousers for the bottom part of the jumpsuit from lalaloopsy's measurements that actually fit right first time! Hahaha- that is a first :P here is a work in progress picture of them- they still need hemming and some serious pressing and of course the addition of the sleeveless top half:
I am of now to do some more work on it an maybe even get it finished!
See you all soon,


  1. Beautiful dress xxx, well done on that :)

    I love the little rice necklace, it's epic :) if you do find the pen you should do some for your shop :P
    and that fabric is so cute. :)

    1. just want to add, your adventures in IOW always make me want to go there, it's on my wish list of places to go now :)

    2. Thank you :) Hehe, yes that is an idea, provided I am not terrible at it :P Yes, I liked the fabric too, it is actually from a shop in the IOW! You should deffo visit the Island, I love it (can you tell? :-P) xxx

    3. Big hugs
      I'm sure you'll be amazing at it, you are an amazingly good crafter :)
      Definitely can tell you love it :)
      I never said, I found another needlecraft/fabric/knitting shop in Colchester the other week, and went in, I'd have bought everything if my friend hadn't been with me keeping me calm :P
      if you ever come to Colchester You will love the two fabric shops I go to :P
      btw I found out what uni my mum goes to, she goes city of london
      I'm back in Colchester now :P

    4. Hahaha, stop saying all these nice things or my head will get too big :P

      Ooooh, I would love to look in those! Hahaha, Sadly I don't have anyone to say' do you really need those buttons etc...?' lol so I always end up buying too much in those type shops!

      Oh, that is pretty close to me that uni I think :)

      I am back at uni now too :-)

      Hugggggsss XXX

  2. That is amazing! I think the rice is very interesting and probably so hard to write on! And the dress is absolutely amazing! Could you sprinkle some of your amazing creativity on me? Hugs! xxx

    1. Thank you :-) Yes, he did look like he was concentrating hard, he said he had to take a deep breath in and hold it whilst he writes carefully- luckily he doesn't have to hold it too long as he is only writing on word :P

      Hehhehe you are too kind :-P You are making me blush! lol :) Hugs xxx


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