Friday, 11 October 2013

Hatwalk 2013!

I handed in my innocent hat bundle (30 in total :) to the Age UK shop near my college- I think I was a little bit past the deadline but I am not sure :0/ (They said the deadline might be continuing for another week or so- I will have to check it out and see if I can make a few more in time- like different coloured domos I wanted to try). But in case the deadline has passed I wanted to do my full hatwalk for this year before I forget! :0)
I have blogged about lots of the hats I made but not all so let the show begin! :P:

Hehehe, I love making the tiny hats- I can't wait for next year to join in again!
See you all soon,
ByeBye xxxx


  1. Aww they all so cute.. Do you have a pattern for these?
    Thank you
    Love cucki x

    1. Thanks :)

      Well I start off with the basic hat pattern on the website then make up my own patterns for the additional bits I add :-)


  2. Awwwh! I love the domo hats!

    1. Thanks! I wish I could have made more! xxx

  3. I love, can't choose between heart ones and ice cream ones for favourite :P

    now you should make them big enough for blythe dolls, and for sindy and barbie dolls you could easily sell them for little girls dolls. you'd make loads of money

    1. hahaha :P

      I really want to make some for my dolls- i must must must remeber to do that.... and I have some news on a new online shop of mine coming up soon......!



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