Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Corsets and chocolate :)


Last Friday I managed to finish my corset!!! I was so happy as I though I would just fall short because I had a lot of hand sewing over the eyelets to do but I managed to really get into the flow of it and got it all done :D Here is my finished corset, the mannequin is not quite the right size so you will have to some imagining to think what it would look like on my actual model who it is made to measure for:
It is fully boned a the front and laces up at the centre back and the straps are off the shoulder.

I am so happy my 17th century corset is done :-) It was a lot of work but I am very proud of it and enjoyed making it. Next is onto the wheel farthingale (period skirt supporter) to go with it!
I am off on my Easter break now though and my Brothers Birthday is coming up really soon. I wanted to make him something for his birthday but something different to the kind of things I normally make. I also wanted it to be really fun so I came up with the idea for a Domo Pinata!:
I made it from a cereal box, 4 toilet roll tubes, some red and white card and painted it all.
I have filled it with lots of tasty sweets:
Hehehe :)
I hope my brother likes it and I hope it holds up to a little bit of whacking before it breaks open :P
In my final bit of news for this post I finished the first of  the different bridal headbands I have begun designing and making recently. I am really pleased with the finished result:
I made the little ribbon roses and I put together the middle piece using the lace applique technique onto a fine net/gauze type material. There are little diamante in the centre of the flowers which sparkle in the light (you can just about see them in the photo :). I thought the peacock feather looked pretty and added a bit of interest. It is quite bohemian and vintage in style. I am still working on the others so it will be interesting to see what style/vibe they give off when they are finished.
I hope you are all very well and that you are having a good week so far :o) I am very excited for tomorrow as my brother is off school so we are going to the local park to play tennis then he is treating me to a Costa Coffee (my favourite!!!) lunch- sandwich, cake and everything! So generous! I treated him to a cadbury's creme egg mcflurry today- very tasty, I do recommend :P
Speak to you all again very soon,
Bye XxXxXxX


  1. great corset - they are heaps of work to do nicely. Love the tabs :-)

    1. Thank you :D the tabs were very fiddly but I got them done in the end :p xxx

  2. Your corset is stunning :)

  3. stunning corset well done

    I love the headband, would wear that for my wedding it's to die for

    1. Thank you :) hehe I would be happy to make you a special headband for you when you have your wedding xxx

    2. Steph: Thank you :) Hehe I'm glad you like my domo :p xxx

      Chaucer's aunty:Thank you :D Hopefully I will get my kimono back from my course after easter to show you all xxx

  4. The corset is incredible! I am glad you are proud of it. I love the pinata idea! Very clever idea. XOX

  5. Wow the corset is fabulous! Well done, I'm really enjoying seeing your projects for your course! Hehe the pinata is brill. Lovely headbands, very vintage :-D


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