Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Eyelets and phones


I hope your weeks are all going well :) I am happy with how my corset is going in college so that is good, I will show you some more pictures after I have completed the next few steps as then it should really be coming together.
This week I have also been working on my 1/2 scale red dress that I designed and draped, I have been hand sewing the little eyelets down the back so then I can lace the dress up with red ribbon:

It is going well- only about 18 left to go :P They are soo small as they have to be 1/2 normal eyelet size to be in correct scale. I think I may have placed them slightly too close to the edge to be in correct scale but not majorly so it will be ok, no one is actually going to wear it so there won't be much strain on them.
In other news last weekend I got a new phone! :D A red Samsung Galaxy s4 to be exact. It was a big step up from my old phone, that I had had since I was 10 and so old the guy in Carphone warehouse said the makers had gone out of business, lol :P I have been spending time this week trying to get used to all its amazing functions. I downloaded several free bridal dress catalogues to flick through as extra research for my new work experience and tons of other stuff, it is helping me to get more done each day which is good. I really love my new phone but am really protective over it as I don't want to damage it! Hehe Sunday I made a case really quickly from a sock I hadn't worn and added a kawaii hello kitty button to keep it safe:

Hehe, now though I have an case which is apparently what the army use to protect their gadgets from rain, sand, you name it- it is virtually indestructible!
Hehe, I am off to bed now, I need to get a good sleep so I can power through my corset sewing again tomorrow,
See you all again soon,
Byeeee xxx


  1. what a shame that dress is 1/2 scale that fabric is beautiful, would wear that myself
    cool phone sock :)

    1. Hehe, thanks! I loved the fabric when I saw it in the random bag my mum got me too :) xxx

  2. Brilliant Hello Kitty phone home ^_^ XOX


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