Saturday, 8 March 2014

Exciting news!


Just a quick post today as everything is a bit hectic for me at the moment, but in a good way! I have been trying to find some work experience recently and was really lucky to get a reply from a bridal boutique near me. I had an interview today and was really excited when the lady who owns it said she is really happy to give me a trial period during my Easter break and after that to consider taking me on for more experience on Saturdays.... and as well as all that.... something extra exciting.... she invited me to come and help out backstage at the bridal fashion show she is involved with next Sunday!!!! :D I am soo excited about how much I will get to learn. I will keep you all updated and hopefully bring you all some pictures of the fashion show next weekend :)

Talk to you all again super soon and hopefully for a bit longer :p

Byeee xxx


  1. Sounds like you are going to be getting loads of experience to brag about!! Congrats and good luck.

    melsdaisypatch at gmail dot com

    1. Hehehe, hopefully! :) P.s. I love the jumbo felt easter bunnies on your etsy shop- soo cute! xxx

  2. That's great news... Well done! :)

  3. This is awesome!! I am so happy for you ^_^ XOX


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