Monday, 17 March 2014

Wackiness and weddings

Hi everyone :)

Sadly I can't bring you any pictures of the wedding fashion show as it had to be cancelled due to the organiser having a family emergency so my thoughts go out to her. The wedding fair did go ahead though so the lady I applied for work experience with said I could still come for an hour or so to look around etc. The building it was held in was really lovely and historic/period and when I got home I was in a bridal mood! I decided to finally start making some of the bridal headbands I designed ages ago. Here is a work in progress picture:

It will be interesting to see them fully done, they are coming along as planned so far :P
Hehe, talking about bridal wear and bringing me on to the 'wackiness' section of this post.... me and my brother went to Ripley's believe it or not in London this weekend and they had this exhibition of wedding dresses made from toilet paper!:

Hehe they are soo good! My dad said they are alright as long as it doesn't rain, which is very true! :P
In ripleys they also had these tiny shoes called lily shoes- they do really weird stuff to your feet but I just thought they looked like cute little pixie shoes:

They even seemed to have a pattern for them:

I may try it one day but a modified version as I don't want to squeeze up my feet to be all tiny!
In other news it is my friends birthday coming up this weekend and we are all going to Wahaca the Mexican restaurant to celebrate. I wanted to make her a little something to go along with the rest of her gifts.
(P.S if you are my friend whose birthday it is you should stop reading now to prevent ruining any surprises!!!!)
I wasn't sure exactly what but I knew I wanted it to be cute. In the end I decided to go for a panda and then just started making and Little Tall Panda was born:
He is a brooch. I called him little tall panda as he is small but his body ended up quite long :-)
One of her favourite colours is purple so I added the purple bow and buttons to make him look all snazzy and such-like. I hope she likes him :0)
And my last bit of this post is just an update on my corset! This week Wednesday to Thursday is the last 3 days we have to finish our corsets (though we may get a little bit of time later on if we finish our 2nd part of this project early). I am getting there with mine, it does resemble a corset properly now and all the bones are in it:

Just some more bias binding, putting the eyelets in and then all the tabs which will be the fiddly and potentially time consuming bits but I hope I will get it all done :-)
I am off to bed now to get my beauty sleep, lol :)
See you all soon and thanks for reading my lovely friends!
Byeeeeeeeeee XxXxXxXxX


  1. Oh I love your headbands - very pretty! :)

    1. Thank you, I am having fun working on them :) xxx

  2. i am sorry the show was cancelled and send best wishes to the organiser. Your bridal headbands are looking very pretty. Oh lol! Well, even though they are made from toilet paper those dresses are pretty amazing. Love the panda ^_^ XOX


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