Saturday, 29 March 2014

The good, the bad and the very ugly!

I will start with the good news as it is always best to go for the good stuff first :)
Well, I am having a sale on my shop! I am thinking of moving over to Esty from folksy so it is easier for people not in the UK to buy items. EVERYTHING in my shop is now £2.50 OR LESS (most items are less!) so get over and check it out, if you've had your eye on something for a while now is your chance to get it at a bargain price: click here!

My other good news is that I finally actually started to finish off the Kameez I drafted the pattern for aggess ago after I went to the Asian wedding fair and my mum bought me the fabric bundles, here is what I have got so far:
Just the neckline, cuffs and vent sides left before I am done :D I reckon I will finish it by the end of my holiday, I have the whole of next week still left which is plenty of time!
Further good news, I am all ready for mothers day tomorrow :) I finished  my mums card today, I turned the little cupcake cross stitch kit I completed a while ago (and blogged about :) into a cute little brooch to go on the front:

I hope she likes it!
But now.... We come to the bad news and the very, very ugly......
.... Yesterday I went to the tailors and dressmakers I still visit when i get time off and I broke the machine needle, I was changing it but I didn't turn the machine off. I was just thinking that I should turn it off because I reckon I could do myself a nasty injury and- BOOM- the machine needle suddenly goes straight through my finger! I remained calm and just kept apologising to Michael and Stephanie and saying 'I'm such an idiot for not turning the machine off!'
I didn't pull it out (which was the right thing to do- you should leave it in to prevent fainting, lots of bleeding, infection etc...) and Micheal took me to the hospital and I was in and out in under an hour- the hospital was really great. luckily I didn't hit bone, the needle only went through my nail and the top of my finger. Hehe, I was back rhinestoning a wedding dress and Micheal and Stephanie's with one arm in a sling afterwards! :P
So remember to turn sewing machines off when you are fiddling with them! Don't be lazy like I was!
Here is a picture of my finger with the needle as I know some of you (like I usually am :P) may be curious (Micheal told me to take a picture- I was more worried about getting it out at the time!). There is no blood in the picture as my finger did not bleed- the needle held it in so there is no gory stuff but I don't recommend looking if you are extremely squeamish- I don't want to upset any of you :) just warning you of the dangers of sewing machines!
So look or look away now:

Here is what I have got for the next few days:

One bandaged up finger.
Some lessons you learn harder than others I suppose, and I am thankful to the hospital for sorting me out so quickly, the nurse I had said she had done the same before and so had Stephanie so that made me feel less stupid! I have to wear a plastic bag over my hand in the bath- hhehe I don't think anyone could make me feel less stupid about doing that :P
One last pointer- never ever hold pins in your mouth, this is something I actually never do, I have heard too many horror stories about that.
But sewing is relatively safe, so don't be put off! :) It hasn't stopped me sewing, I was working on my Salwar all of today!
I hope I haven't scared any of you with my post- just go back to the pretty Kameez fabric at the top and treat yourself to something in my shop if you feel shaken! Lol
I promise no gruesome pics next post. See you all soon I hope you all have a lovely Sunday tomorrow,
Byeeeee XxXxXxXxX


  1. Wow beautiful
    Enjoy Mother's Day so much
    Hugs x

  2. Your card is lovely... eeek, hope your finger is all better now, I have had a few mishaps with my sewing machine in the past too - like sewing my finger to my work! :)

    1. Thand you. Oh yes it is getting better now thanks :) owww!! I bet that wasn't fun :( xxx

  3. Ohhhh no! I'm glad you're ok. The safety person in me says that in the workplace, you have to unplug the machine before you do something like that. :P Lock out Tag out causes a LOT of workplace injuries in the US.

    1. Yeah I am fine now thanks. Hehe if only you were there to shout turn it off! :p own. Yes they do seem dangerous :( xxx

  4. Oh Goodness *faints*
    ok your vivid description made me want to throw up/faint, this post should just come with a warning :P
    I am in the ranks of the incredibly squeamish, had to cover the photo while I read the post. I have a weak stomach
    beautiful card, and Salwar. Well done

    Off to drink some cold water, and forget the details of your accident :) :P big hugs, get better soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Hehe, I am sorry :p lucky you weren't there to see it! :p
      Thanks :)
      I am all good. Hope you are too xxx

  5. I am glad you are fine dear..thinking of you so much
    Big hugs x

  6. Oh my word!! That is terrifying!! Glad that it's all okay now though, and definitely a cautionary tale!! Lovely Mother's Day card, a great idea to make a brooch from cross stitch, and the salwar is fab. Well done. Hope your finger is much better now!!

    1. Thank you :) hehe you are one of the people who started me on cross stitch and now I love it! It is thank you xxx

  7. Ow ow ow ow ow ow!!!! ouch! crikey that looks mega painful!! Take care. it's not daft btw! i think it happens quite a lot and is just one of those things. I hope your finger heals up soon. Love the card for your mum. XOX

    1. Thanks for making me feel less silly! It is much better now thanks xxx :)


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