Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Birthday Panda :o3

Hi guys,

Today is my friends birthday!

I wanted to make her something special so I had a look through some patterns and thought I would make a panda from the latest book I bought; Amigurumi animals by Annie Obaachan.

I started to make him and finished the body fine but then all of the other body parts I made (apart from the eye patches and ears) seemed to come up the wrong size e.g. the head came out the size of a ping pong ball!

I had to create parts of the pattern myself so he came out in the right proportions but I got there in the end:

I was so pleased when my friend liked her gift :)

He is definitely going to a good home!

I got her some other stuff to including a heart cookie baking kit and a little box of hello kitty gum :D

Its my brothers birthday coming up really soon, and mothers day so I've gotta get a move on to get gifts etc.... sorted for those special days too,

See all you lovely readers very soon



  1. He is so cute!! And, One of my favorite parts about birthdays is crafting :)

  2. Thanks :) Increasingly, mine is too!


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