Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Bonjour my friends :)

As many of you will know tomorrow is St Patricks Day!

I made a pattern for these little 4 leaf clovers which im putting up free to help you stay lucky and spread the cheer :D

They are really quick to make and can be made with scraps of any green DK yarn.

You will need:
  • A 4.0mm crochet hook
  • Green DK yarn
  • A darning needle
  • Scissors


Using a 4.00mm hook and green DK  leave a medium length tail of yarn and make a magic ring, 8dc into the ring (8sts)

Rnd 1:  *3tr into next st, slst* repeat from * to * 3 more times

 Fasten off.

To make up:

Darn in the 'Fasten off' yarn tail and cut so that it is not visible.

Tie a knot about 3 cm down the tail you left at the start (from the magic ring) then cut the yarn just below the knot, this creates the stalk.

Your little clover is now finished!

(I am using UK crochet abbreviations)

st(s) = stitch(es)
slst = slip stitch
tr = treble
dc = double crochet

I hope everyone enjoys the pattern and has a great St Patrick's day :)

BYE xxx


  1. What is a "magic ring"?

  2. A magic ring is a way of starting crochet, it is quite difficuult to explain in words but there ar many tutorials on youtube :) Hope this helps :-)


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