Sunday, 6 March 2011

Mum's Birthday!

Today is my Mums birthday!!!!! 

I finished the kindle cozy in time :D and also made her an apple cozy as an extra present because she liked mine so much:

I used a pattern on ravelry for sizing but then kind of made up the stitch pattern myself.

I made the apple cozy all in purple and then added a heart button and star bead to make it that extra bit special!

I wrapped them up along with the book and sweets I got her as well:

My mum was really pleased, she loved the lot! (and she thought the giant bow was cool too! :)

In celebration we've been up to london today to do some shopping and had a yummy pizza :P

I quite full now but I still might  be able to queeze in some sweets later!

See you all soon,


P.s. Keep your  eyes peeled for some cool stuff coming up on the blog throughout March! :)

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